Is this the day in your son’s life when they will be finally recognized as an Eagle Squad? If you are looking for an excellent gift that is both unique and functional to commemorate this special event honoring a young man’s achievement, then these gift ideas will help big time.

Awesome Multitool

Reliable, easy to handle, and sturdy, multi-tools are designed to tackle tasks in almost every situation. It features a sleek design, and durable stainless steel construction, this affordable Multitool is a very indispensable gift. If you are looking for something smaller, the Swiss army knife will do the trick.

Military-Grade Compass

The navigation military-grade compass is designed to be sand-, water-, shock-proof, and pretty functional from -25°C to 60°C. Its fluorescent dial will allow the user to navigate in low-light conditions, even without using flashlights or other light sources. It will also remain luminous for more or less five years without needing maintenance. It also has a clinometer that allows the measuring of differences in slopes and height. It is excellent for Geology, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

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Scouts honor shirts

It is a perfect T-shirt for proud scouts – from cub and boy scouts to eagle scouts and scout leaders. Make them show their honor in a cool way by giving them these shirts as a gift. It is an excellent gift for boys who just earned their Eagle rank in the BSA or Boy Scouts of America.

Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven

Did your kid love to earn his merit badge for camping? The cast-iron Dutch oven is a portable camp oven that does it all. It has flanged lit for hot coals, and if inverted, it can be used as a griddle. Its legs on the oven can provide for fireplace and campfire cooking. It is ready to use because it is already pre-seasoned. It has a six-quart capacity, twelve-inch diameter, and three and three-fourth inches deep. And most importantly, it is made in the United States.


With high-powered or military-grade binoculars, kids can go wherever they want to go. It is compact, lightweight, and very easy to use. This gift is ideal for children who enjoy going on a trip. These binoculars are very suitable for climbing, camping, bird watching, fishing, hiking, concerts, hunting, and other outdoor or indoor activities.

Pocket knives

This type of knife is made from high-quality and high-grade materials and is guaranteed to last for a long time. It is a perfect hunting knife for travelers, hunters, and people who demand the best combat knife for their everyday use. These sharp pocket knives will stay very sharp and are a great gift to remember their achievement ceremony. These stainless-steel blades are fortified with additional alloys to prevent and resist corrosion in even the worst environmental conditions.

Waterproof knapsack

It is an ultra-durable, ultra-light, and ultra-awesome Gift for Eagle Scouts nowadays. These knapsacks are perfect for everyday use or day trips, day hikes, vacations, school, travel, shopping, and camping. It has a lot of small pockets so you can pack more things.

National Eagle Scout Association or NESA membership

NESA or the National Eagle Scout Association helps members to stay in touch with Scouting, as well as hear positive stories about how the Scouting transforms the lives of their members through developing their character, leadership skills, physical fitness, and citizenship.

The National Eagle Scout Association is also an outlet for a lot of alumni to collaborate and network with each other. It includes participating in BSA services or other organizations and increasing the member’s business connections.

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Eagle Neckerchief Slide

These neckerchief slides are considered one of a kind; you can’t find them anywhere else. Most of the makers of these slides have been big supporters of the organization. They continue to make them so that kids can wear them and show off their accomplishments, as well as it is an excellent keepsake for young men being recognized by the eagle court of Honor.

Eagle card

If you’re looking for a good congratulations card for the ceremony, the Eagle card might be it. It is not only simple and very thoughtful, but it is also very cheap compared to the other options mentioned above. It is an excellent way to greet and surprise your loved ones.