The fundamental elements of the perfect workplace

Maximizing the use of space is essential as costs for businesses continue to grow. If there are too few people occupying an office, the efficiency will be driven down. Space efficiency is usually worked out as the person density in square feet, and the usage of space, which is the percentage of the office occupied at a given period. Enhancing the atmosphere is also efficient, and listening to music has been known to boost creativity. Image Credit Ensure a comfortable environment Ensuring a home-away-from-home environment that is well designed is…

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How to insulate your converted garage

Garage conversions are an affordable and straightforward way of providing more living space in your home whilst avoiding any major building work. If you have recently moved into a new property and your Homebuyers Report London way that was produced by solicitors such as has shown that your garage a solid construction, you may want to look at alternative ways in which to use this space. Image Credit One essential factor of the conversion is the addition of insulation to make the garage comfortable, warm living space. Whether you…

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How to save money on energy bills

Energy bills make up a significant part of our monthly expenses, and finding ways to reduce these will not only save you money but also make your home warmer and limit the impact on the environment. Here are some simple ways in which you can make your home run more efficiently and save energy. Image Credit Lower your thermostat You could save as much as £90 each year simply by lowering the thermostat in your home by 1ºC. At this level, you won’t notice a difference in the heat, but…

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An Introduction to Rugby X

When we think of five-a-side, we immediately imagine a group of colleagues kicking a football around the local indoor club. All that is about to change. On 29th October, the brand new Rugby X will make its debut at London’s O2 arena. The new game will see five-a-side teams play 10-minute indoor Rugby X matches on artificial pitches. Image Credit Although the new faster game will retain most of the rugby’s core principles, there are a few major changes to look forward to. Some New Rules of the Game –…

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