Wedding season is just around the corner, so here are some foolproof tips from style gurus for great wedding outfits to ensure you show up looking stunning!

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Tip 1: Flats

Fashion Stylist Hannah Eichler says that she believes it is vital to wear shoes that you can keep on throughout the whole day so your feet don’t end up hurting well before the event is over. Why not think about taking some flat shoes for dancing?

Tip 2: Vintage

Fashion News Writer Gemma Gow says to go vintage. When you turn up at a wedding and someone else is wearing exactly the same outfit as you, it can be a nightmare – especially if they look better in it than you do! Hunt out some gems at your local charity shops or vintage emporiums. You’ll save money and get yourself noticed!

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Tip 3: Keep it Simple

Production Editor Sophie Davis suggests keeping it simple. If you end up having loads of weddings to go to in one summer, it is worth buying one great-quality dress that is plain. You can then add different accessories each time for a totally different look.

For simple or flamboyant wedding guest dresses, try,

Tip 4: Back Up!

Features Editor Devinder Bains offers some worldly advice: always take a back-up dress just in case. That way, if you do see someone wearing the same dress like you, you can change before anyone notices. It’s also useful in case your dress gets stained or damaged during the wedding.

Tip 5: Wedges all the way

You don’t want to ruin your white silk stilettos as they sink into the grass and you topple over with your glass of champagne! Wedges are a great solution for outdoor celebrations, according to Senior Sub Editor Sarah Kershaw.

Tip 6: Maxi is the way to go

A top tip from Fashion News Assistant Sarah Ridge is to wear a maxi dress if it’s a summer wedding. The range of maxi dresses on the high street that you can throw on over beachwear is vast. Plus, you have the advantage that you can double it up as a wedding outfit by doing some clever accessorizing.

With all these great tips, you’ll be the belle of the ball.