Reminding yourself why you are a youth sports coach

You want your sports team to be a success and you love coaching them but if you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall then you might need some fresh concepts and new approaches to get back on track. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and too often we become results-driven and forget why we felt passionate about something, to begin with. Coaching and mentoring children is a privilege with some incredibly unique opportunities. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your team dressed in their Junior…

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Would you benefit from signing up to a clinical trial?

New research and medical treatments are being discovered every day. Diseases that meant death 15 years ago are not chronic illnesses today. Debilitating symptoms have found new treatments in Paid Clinical Trials. If you are looking for studies to participate in trials 4 us offer paid clinical trials across many different areas of medicine. Image Credit There are risks and benefits involved in participating in clinical trials, and you should consider all of them before deciding to sign up. The benefits of clinical trials include access to treatments not available…

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Lifestyle Wedding 

Top wedding photograph tips for couples

Every couple wants perfect photos from their big day, but for many, it may well be their first time being professionally photographed. These tips will help you look your best so you can look back on your wedding album with pride for years to come. Image Credit Release tension Try rolling your shoulders before posing for formal shots. This will relieve any tension from your neck, upper back, and shoulders, and will help you look more at ease and natural in photos. Practice your make-up Whether you’re hiring a professional…

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Suit accessories and always looking stylish

A suit no longer needs to be only for smart occasions. Instead, it can be worn just about anywhere, depending on how it’s accessorized. You can take a suit from smart to super casual, and ensure that you look good in every scenario. These accessories are a great way to soften the severity of a suit, dress it up or dress it down and above all, always look stylish. Suits have evolved dramatically over the years, but one thing for sure – they remain a staple of every fashion-conscious man’s…

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The True Cost of Auto Dealership Staff Turnover

Dealerships must focus more on improving the retention of employees and reducing turnover. A wrong hire can cost the company significant amounts of money each year, but rewarding good employees is essential to keep the turnover as low as possible. Image Credit A Constantly Changing Workforce Can Damage The Business A constantly changing team costs the brand cash in several ways, including training expenses, customer frustration at having to deal with unknown faces and, most importantly, lost car sales. Making small changes can prevent this high turnover and also build…

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