Four simple ways to make your employees feel valued

Your employees are your most valuable assets. It is important that you ensure your employees are happy at work. Happier employees mean a more committed workforce, higher productivity, and lower staff turnover. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you are motivating and boosting the morale of your employees. Image Credit 1. Get to know your employees as people Make time for your employees. Talk to them individually to get to know them. Ask them about their families, their weekends, their hobbies. These conversations help build trusting relationships…

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The North and South Divide – Why both sides are great

It is common that when it comes to the UK, there is always a bit of friendly (and unfriendly) competition from the north and south divide; many people think that the north is friendlier, whilst others say that the south of England has beautiful beaches, and of course – London. When it comes to the north and south of England, both sides hold many amazing qualities;  the north has the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and the gorgeous sites of the Lake District, Whilst the south has the lovely coast of Cornwall…

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