How to prevent shelving accidents

According to the HSE, over 40 million working days are lost per year as a result of workplace accidents or illnesses, and accidents relating to shelving contribute to this figure. Of course, not all of these are related to accidents involving shelving, there are many other causes, but accidents of this type are relatively easy to deal with, if you follow these tips. Image Credit Personal Protective Equipment Never a substitute for other precautions, PPE is always a useful back up to help prevent injury. Hard hats are a must…

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How to Rock a Shawl Collar Sweater

Sweaters are available in many shapes and styles, but the shawl collar ones are the trendiest at the moment and have become the favourite of many men. Image Credit Shawl Collar Sweaters Are Versatile Shawl collar sweaters can dress up an outfit while still keeping it relaxed and are perfect for going out in winter. Shawl collar sweaters work well when they’re layered: you can dress them up by wearing a shirt and tie underneath, or you can keep them more casual by wearing them over your t-shirt and jeans.…

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Why rubber testing is vital within heavy-duty manufacturing

There are many occasions when a rubber product just can’t fail, not least for safety purposes. Image Credit Automotive engineering and manufacturing depend heavily on rubber. Few materials have rubber’s toughness, durability and elasticity. Nevertheless, if the component fails unexpectedly the consequences can be costly. Rubber’s durability The lifespan of rubber products depends on two main factors; its formulation and operating conditions. Ordinary household elastic bands rarely last five years, but at the other extreme sheet rubber roofing is good for about fifty years. When you consider the sun, rain,…

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