Sweaters are available in many shapes and styles, but the shawl collar ones are the trendiest at the moment and have become the favourite of many men.

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Shawl Collar Sweaters Are Versatile

Shawl collar sweaters can dress up an outfit while still keeping it relaxed and are perfect for going out in winter. Shawl collar sweaters work well when they’re layered: you can dress them up by wearing a shirt and tie underneath, or you can keep them more casual by wearing them over your t-shirt and jeans.

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According to the magazine Esquire, the shawl collar sweater adds a rugged, masculine feel to those who wear it. So let’s try and make the most of it!

How to Wear a Shawl Collar Sweater

Pick a fitted one: some sweaters, such as those from https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-single-button-shawl-collar-aran-sweater, are often made of thicker wools that are very comfortable, and they can often provide the best look. Make sure your sweater fits like a glove and hugs shoulders and arms tightly. An oversized sweater would make it look like a bathrobe rather than a classic and elegant garment.

The right length: the sweater should not be lower than your waist, as it would fit better (also avoid belts that would make the sweater too casual-looking and too much like a bathrobe).

Buttons: you can do all the buttons up or leave the top and the bottom one undone for a slighter casual look. If your sweater is complementing an elegant outfit, then do up all the buttons, especially if you are wearing a tie. For ideas, check out the mens single button shawl collar Aran sweater available online.

What to wear with it? Make sure that the trousers you wear contrast your sweater and the shirt you are wearing underneath. If you wear all garments of the same colour, your outfit would look like a onesie. Jeans are usually a classic and go perfectly with shawl collars sweaters.

The collar: it can be left open, with the collar down, or it can be turned up for warmth and comfort.

The shawl collar sweater is comfortable and adaptable and adds a sophisticated edge to your look without making it too formal. Shawl collar sweaters are smarter than their pullover cousins and much more versatile. They are this season’s must-have.