A suit no longer needs to be only for smart occasions. Instead, it can be worn just about anywhere, depending on how it’s accessorized. You can take a suit from smart to super casual, and ensure that you look good in every scenario. These accessories are a great way to soften the severity of a suit, dress it up or dress it down and above all, always look stylish.

Suits have evolved dramatically over the years, but one thing for sure – they remain a staple of every fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe!

Belt up

A suit almost always needs a belt to give it a polished look. Wearing a suit without a belt may exude a casual air, but often it’s the belt that ties it all together. For casual occasions, a lighter colored belt is ideal, and for those more formal settings, a dark coloured option is better. The texture is also important when it comes to choosing belts, and there are some wonderful on-trend options that look great with a suit.

Bag it

There’s nothing worse than a well-cut suit ruined by pockets that are stuffed full of keys, sunglasses, a wallet, and phone. Rather than ruining the line of a suit, opt for a man bag as an accessory. Whether it’s a backpack or a briefcase, a duffel bag or a satchel, there are multiple options that let you dress up or down as desired, and still carry all your essentials around with you.

Match it

You may not consider a shirt as an accessory, but with a suit that exactly what, it can be. High-quality mens Farah shirts, such as those available at https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah are available in numerous colors and textures, and you can choose one that perfectly complements your suit.

Tie it

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The ultimate suit accessory is, of course, a tie. Whether it’s a dapper bow tie, a brightly coloured silk tie or more sedate skinny tie, a tie can change the look of a suit in an instant. Tie styles change over time, and you can stay on trend by opting for the most current fashions, and mix and match as you go along. If you are feeling daring, you can even accessorize your suit with a matching handkerchief that just sticks out of the jacket pocket enough to make a statement.