Every couple wants perfect photos from their big day, but for many, it may well be their first time being professionally photographed. These tips will help you look your best so you can look back on your wedding album with pride for years to come.

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Release tension

Try rolling your shoulders before posing for formal shots. This will relieve any tension from your neck, upper back, and shoulders, and will help you look more at ease and natural in photos.

Practice your make-up

Whether you’re hiring a professional make-up artist, are trusting the job to a friend or are doing it yourself, always have a trial run of your final look and get someone to take a few photos to see how it looks on film. Top make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has some tips for the perfect bridal make-up.


When talking about your perfect set up for your photography and your big day it is important to think about the location and what will be in the background.  You could look at beautiful buildings, Marquees, red carpets, glasses of champagne so a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester could be an ideal location.  With a whole list of things you would want at your wedding a bar, style and comfort are extra treats.  Also if you are looking for a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire with Civil ceremonies this could be the place for you.

Take advantage of natural light

Although you can’t control the weather on your big day, you can try and schedule at least some of the day around the best time to take pictures. Lighting tends to be most flattering at dawn and dusk, although dusk is probably more practical when it comes to wedding photos. Taking photos at sunset can also result in some stunning and unique images.

Make sure you’re happy with your photographer

The Knot stresses the importance of checking out your potential photographer and making sure you read referenced beforehand. Ideally, take recommendations from friends or family, and ask to see their photos. The testimonial page of Nick Rutter, a Bournemouth wedding photographer, is a great example of what you should be looking for.

Pay attention to detail

It’s easy to overlook the small details that can hugely detract from the overall feel of your wedding photos. If you’re getting ready at home, and your photographer is shooting you there in the morning, even minimal mess and clutter will be captured forever. Ensure all surroundings are sparkling clean, tidy and nicely dressed before the big day. You might not normally worry about the wet towel hanging from your bedroom door, or the loo roll and the pile of battered paperbacks and old magazines on your bedside table, but your wedding photos will look better without them.