What would happen if Microsoft had decided to release Windows 10 on tablets? Would Windows become obsolete? Or would Microsoft eventually get serious about creating a tablet version of its operating system? Windows has always been the dominant OS, despite Apple’s success with Mac computers. The company has never released a tablet version of its software, though some analysts believe that Microsoft should look into bringing out a Surface-like device. Let’s see in the article below some of the things that players do not know about Xbox games.

How much does it cost to play Xbox games online?

The basic monthly membership for an Xbox Live Gold subscription is $59.99 US per year. You can also buy additional months at a time or pay a one-time fee for certain titles like “Madden NFL 16” and “FIFA 17.” Xbox One console owners don’t have to subscribe to use these games because they’re available as part of their game bundles.

Can I sell my used games?

Xbox users can sell or trade in preowned games using Game Pass and other programs. However, you won’t be able to resell digital games without first downloading the title again. If someone buys your copy of “Batman: Arkham Knight,” for example, he’ll get a code that allows him to download the finished product from Xbox One or PC. This process takes roughly 24 hours.

How do I change Xbox Live settings?

Use this feature to report fake profiles, trolls, hackers, and spammers. If you want to block people who’ve sent unwanted messages, set up privacy settings or change how often you receive updates via e-mail (it defaults to once every 30 days). You can also choose when messages appear on your home screen and when you get new alerts, such as a birthday reminder.

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