Football coaching can be a challenging, yet rewarding task. It requires both good teaching skills (not to mention some fairly sharp Football skills) and a good grasp of resources such as teaching exercises and Football Drills.

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If you want to expand your repertoire of useful Football teaching resources, there are a number of different places you might want to look at. These can be very useful in helping you expand your “library” of teaching methods, techniques, and general Football coaching knowledge as well as finding places such as who can help you with some Adidas Football Kits for your team training sessions.


Football may be a practical and active pursuit, but that doesn’t mean book learning is no use on the field. This is especially true for coaches. Lots of excellent books have been written with Football coaches in mind, and these contain a wealth of drills and exercises as well as tactical ideas and general Football tips that you might like to pass on to players. You may well be surprised how much good flick through some decent books could do to improve what you have to offer as a Football coach.

The Internet

The internet is a vast library of human knowledge on just about every subject under the sun, including Football. Like books, this includes an awful lot of knowledge and ideas that you may find useful while coaching Football. Unlike books, they can also offer videos better demonstrating some of these ideas.

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Other Coaches

Shared knowledge benefits everyone involved. Speaking and socializing with other coaches can enable you all to exchange ideas, techniques, and strategies so that everyone learns something new and most likely useful. This can be other coaches involved with the same club or team as you, other coaches you meet socially, or even members of online communities and Football discussion groups attached to major websites.


Not everything has to be something you’ve learned – it could be something you’ve invented. Don’t be afraid to experiment, put your own twist on the ideas you have picked up, or to think for yourself about how you could better train players in the thing that you feel they need to improve. You might find that one of your best training exercises is your own invention.