Moving is hard work and can take a lot of physical and emotional energy, not to mention a lot of time.

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Whether it is you and your family moving or you live alone, your belongings will need to get from your old home to your new one and you will inevitably need help to achieve this.

What service do you need?

Be realistic when planning your move and allow plenty of time to pack. Work out how many packing boxes you require and how easy it is going to be to transport them up and down the stairs or in a lift if you live in a flat. Always check with any removal service you use that it is able and willing to help. For small moves, look at using a Slough man and van service rather than a large removal company.

The housing market is currently seeing the impact of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, with house prices currently at a six-year low. This is good news if you are buying.

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Get a quote

The top tip for a stress-free move is to be organized. As soon as you know you are moving, start ringing around and get some quotes. Don’t worry if you do not yet have an exact moving date, as companies should still be able to give you an idea of costs. Large removal companies will want to visit you in your home so that they can give you an accurate quote and discuss your needs.

Some services offer packing and storage options; alternatively, smaller companies such as UKTDL Slough man and van may be better suited to your requirements.


Before moving, plan where you are going to put your larger pieces of furniture and check that they fit not only in the space you have allocated but also through any doorways and corridors.


Most removal companies will include insurance in the quote, but you should always check. You don’t want your belongings to arrive damaged and find that you have no way of claiming for repairs or replacements.

Word of mouth

If you are unsure, ask around your local community and speak to other people who you know have recently moved. Ask for local recommendations, and don’t be afraid to negotiate.