There is a certain nostalgia attached to traveling by train – whether it is the romance, the sense of adventure, or the timeless notion of moving slowly across a landscape.

While it might at first seem like you are stuck in the dark ages, traveling through the modern world on a train is possibly one of the most exciting ways to experience a country. There are a few train hotspots, and it might be worth putting these on your train bucket list.


Europe is undoubtedly the easiest continent to traverse on a train. Every country and city is linked by a train route. Journeys can be short, but often overnight trips are the most interesting. You will be hard-pressed to have a better night’s sleep than traveling from city to city in a sleeper carriage. The sounds of the train tracks, the rhythmic motions, and the magic of passing through stations in the night make this an unforgettable experience.

Europe offers a wonderful train pass system, where a traveler is able to pay a once-off fee and then be able to travel on any train for free. Sometimes surcharges are applied, and you often have to book trips in advance, but it is an incredibly affordable option, especially for budget travelers. Information and tickets are readily available online.

For the most incredible scenery, do yourself a favor and spend some time on the trains moving across Switzerland. These scenic trips in glass-topped carriages are simply unparalleled.

The United States of America

There is no getting around that the USA is a huge country, and train trips in this part of the world take a long time. However, don’t let this put you off the magic of these trips. The most exciting routes are the lines that travel from the east coast to the west coast, either along the great lakes, or through the mountains, or right down south. Amway is notorious for being behind schedule. However, as long as you aren’t in a particular rush, the scenery that awaits you is breathtaking and you can always pass the time waiting to play online Blackjack for real money.

Russia and China

China has some interesting trains to try, in particular the high-speed lines between some of the major cities and airports. There are new lines being built all the time, and so new travel possibilities keep opening up. It is quite an experience to travel at these high speeds; certainly something for the bucket list.

Of course one of the most famous train routes in the world is the Orient Express. This ride starts in the north of China and then travels the full length of Russia to Moscow. These nights on the train, and the raw but mesmerizing scenery is a once in a lifetime experience. As with all travel, visas are something you need to be aware of, and the same applies to this trip. You will need to figure this out for both China and Russia, both of which can be a little challenging for travelers. Often the best way is to find a local travel agent who understands the current situation and might know ways of applying for a visa. Make sure you get your visa sorted before you start booking expensive trips.