Being thrust into the spotlight as a child works out differently for different people – some realize a deep passion for acting while others choose to lead ordinary lives as adults. The turn of the millennium saw lots of talented young actresses starring in their first films and series, making a name for themselves among other great talents.

But what happened to them when they left their youth behind and became adults in the industry? Here a four female child stars from the early 2000s and how they’ve lived their lives since the beginning of their careers.

Dakota Fanning

Landing her first major job in a mere television commercial, Dakota Fanning’s parents did a lot for their daughter in order to help her find success in the world of showbiz. Having moved to Los Angeles so that Dakota could pursue a professional career when she was only six years old, she was cast in her first major film, Tomcats.

However, her breakout role was in I Am Sam, a highly successful movie in which she acted alongside the likes of Hollywood greats, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Penn. After having been discovered, Fanning went on to star in several successful films, including Taken in 2002 and Uptown Girls in 2003.

These days, Fanning continues to act, appearing in features such as First Lady and The Nightingale. Truly embracing the world of film, Dakota and her younger sister, Elle, started a production company in 2021 called Lewellen Pictures.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Born in 1986, the Olsen twins rose to stardom when the girls were just babies, sharing the role of infant Michelle Tanner on Full House. The famous sitcom aired its final episode in 1995, after which the twins started a production company together called Dualstar. They went on to produce and star in a number of popular films and series, the most famous of which were The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble, and New York Minute.

Both Mary-Kate and Ashley lived in the limelight for many years, working in the film industry and dabbling in other ventures, but took a step back in about 2004. After realizing their shared passion for fashion, the Olsen twins mostly retired from acting and became 21st-century fashion icons. They went on to establish their own label together, Row, and mostly live relatively private lives off social media and out of the spotlight.

Shailene Woodley

Born in 1991, Shailene Woodley started her career as a model. After securing roles in popular shows and films including The OC and Replacing Dad, Woodley quickly realized her passion for acting. Her breakthrough roles include her parts in The Secret Life of An American Teenager and The Descendants.

Shailene continued to act throughout her teenage years and still appears on screen to this day, her most prolific recent productions include The Fault in Our Stars and Big Little Lies which have proven to be as popular as the games offered by Lucky Creek casino. As she continues to act, Shailene is also considered one of Hollywood’s most vocal activists.