When it comes to ways in which the world could come to an end, many of us think that the Hollywood Sci-Fi versions are probably a bit unrealistic (although good fun to go and watch at the cinema!) and struggle to believe that some of these scenarios could happen in real life. But the scary thing is, many of these films are not as far-fetched as viewers think that they are. So whilst you are sitting watching your favorite disaster movie, thanks to the work of a TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham company, in crystal clear picture have a think about these few scenarios that could easily go from science fiction, science fact….

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Armageddon/ Deep Impact – The late ’90s were full of doomsday predictions, end-of-the-world rumors, and general scaremongering about the end of days and the millennium bug. The disaster movie genre was going strong and these two films both depicted the world as under threat from a large asteroid that would wipe out life on Earth. This is probably one of the more realistic disaster scenarios, given that we are after all on a planet in space, where debris is constantly hurtling around – the chances are that it will happen one day, as it has in the past. Hopefully, we will still have Bruce Willis to save us all!

Outbreak – An airborne virus, starting from a monkey deep in the jungles of Africa threatens to wipe out the entire human race. Although a cure is found in time in the movie, it is a real threat to the human race with constantly changing and mutating strains of diseases being found all the time. Scientists and doctors constantly work to cure diseases and the human race has made great strides in the last century with medical research and pioneering surgeries being performed with the help of technology. But recently, diseases such as Ebola have shown us how easy it would be for a major pandemic to spread quickly around the world. Play

Independence Day – One of the top films of 1996, Independence Day showed the human race going to war with hostile aliens, intent on destroying the major cities and wiping out humanity. Alien invasions have been hugely popular entertainment since HG Wells caught the fear and imagination of the public when ‘War of the Worlds’ was broadcast on the radio in America – leading to many thinking that it was real, and the Earth was being invaded! There are many mysteries surrounding aliens, and many of the UFO sightings can be explained by weather balloons or military projects. Particularly during the secretive Cold War years, it is easy to see why people could have believed aliens were visiting when they saw something in the sky that they didn’t recognize. The existence of Extra-Terrestrial beings remains a mystery for the time being, but many think that it is certain that we have already been visited by beings from another world….