SEO is a complicated and often subtle art – or at least it should be if it is carried out correctly. However, there are plenty of black hat tactics that persist in the modern marketplace in spite of the fact that they can do serious damage to a site’s rank in the long term.

Whether you run an SEO agency yourself or are looking to employ an expert in this field to help boost the profile of your business online, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of search engine optimization.

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Here are just four of the SEO approaches that you need to avoid in order to make the most out of your optimization attempts.

Weak Links

Paying for inbound links to your site or spamming links on third-party pages was a popular way to reach the top of Google’s search results in the past, and plenty of people still believe that this is a legitimate approach today. However, that is simply not the case.

Poor linking practices should be avoided not only because they compromise the user experience but also because they can lead to serious ranking penalties being dished out to your site.

Cheap Content

Poor quality content is the bane of the internet, but there are many sites that feel obliged to pack in page after page of badly written or hastily rehashed copy, perhaps even using services that automate the process of content generation.

Dealing with reputable agencies will help you source high-quality content from sites like that will actually provide SEO services in London and they benefit rather than a hindrance. Investing in web designers in London rather than outsourcing to cheaper overseas alternatives will keep low-quality content out of the equation.

Impossible Guarantees

Getting the top spot on Google’s SERPs and holding onto it indefinitely is difficult or impossible, even for the biggest brands. Making a promise that your SEO tactics can achieve this is a bad sign because such guarantees cannot be upheld.

Absent Reporting

Without feedback and analytics, it is hard to work out whether or not any SEO attempts you have made have been a success. If the agency you are working with has no means of proving its effectiveness, it is not likely to serve you well in the long run.