If you have never visited the county of Bedfordshire, you are missing out on some beautiful villages, towns, and cities. Here are a few that will interest you to visit:


This is a beautiful city surrounded by hills with ancient roots originating from the Anglo-Saxon era. Its name is Anglo-Saxon and means an ant hill. However, this name is not a fair description of such an attractive town. The town was given a market charter in 1200 by King Henry III and the market is still held there every Thursday.

The town had several royal connections which began after the Battle of Agincourt in the 1400s when a castle was built for Henry IV’s sister. The castle later became the home of Catherine of Aragon who was imprisoned there while Henry VIII went through his divorce to marry Anne Boleyn. Sadly, the castle collapsed during the 17th century but the site became the location of the magnificent Ashburnham family home. The grounds here at Ampthill House are open to the public and have magnificent oaks. The town offers buildings of various historical periods, from Tudor to the 19th-century Georgian style. There are more than 200 properties registered as historically important.

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Ampthill is surrounded by stunning rural scenery with nearby rural parks, forests and many historic interests. This is an ideal place for a quiet and relaxing retirement. For more information on Bedfordshire Park Homes For Sale, visit http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/pine-view-park/


The county seat, this city also has an ancient bond after Saxons built fortified settlements here in 915 which were looted by Denmark in the 11th century. Today, the city enjoys an amazing riverfront location. Many of the city’s museums, attractions and sculptures are dedicated to John Bunyan, a city resident who wrote the world-famous book ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ after his arrest for non-conformist preaching in 1660. The book has been translated into more than 200 languages, making it one of the most successful books ever.


More than a modern city, there are still some historic buildings decorated from ancient times to the Victorian era. The city accepted the King’s charter in 1131 from King Henry I, which meant the city has been a market town for almost a millennium. An Augustinian monastery was founded here in the same year and was the location for the cancellation of the marriage between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. All that remains of the priory can be found as part of the St Peter’s church, an example of beautiful Norman architecture.

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Many of the oldest parts of the city are centered around crossroads. Interesting gardens are also found here, making it a wonderful place to take a walk, enjoy open summer events, concerts and picnics. For something a little more modern, shopping centers offer a variety of retail options in contemporary complexes.


The city also has art galleries, museums, and some interesting antique shops. Away from the hustle and bustle, you will find a place to play golf and soak up beautiful views at the famous Tree Cathedral and Whipsnade Zoo.