The timeless popularity of mid-century design is based on many factors, but how much do you like it?

Some people call it The New Retro, but for us, the sleek and sharp appearance of mid-century modern designs, furniture, and accessories is never out of date.

Blame it on the popularity of shows like Mad Men, but our taste for style and furniture from the 1950s and 60s is never satisfied. It is an era of impressive design movements, which launch a classic look that is organic, minimalist and refined with different styles. Names of icons such as Eames and Arne Jacobsenremain the biggest players in these innovative mid-century movements and their ideas are still clear in the designs of today.

  1. You like simple lines, pure shapes, and function

You want/need layered ceramics that reflect the organic architecture of the modernist era, you have a tendency towards slim candle holders and classic tubular designs.

  1. You admire the 50s and 60s

Think of corner lights, alcohol cabinets and furniture in a dark wood hue. Yes, you either like it or hate it but pull up your Eames Eiffel Chair because Tupperware parties might be making a comeback too! For a stunning range of replica classic chairs, visit

  1. You enjoy a touch of carefully thought out patterns

Graphic patterns and geometric shapes are closely related to modern mid-century designs. Think of hexagonal storage units and aesthetically pleasant architectural wallpapers.

  1. You like the classic design

Be it a beautiful Eames leather chair, a genuine Florence Knoll sofa or an elegant, streamlined sideboard – If you really want an authentic 20th-century look, you should have at least one classic design in your home – real or replica. If you don’t already have one, you will find original furniture in antique and used stores, at vintage exhibitions and online auctions.

  1. You forget bright colors in support for simple neutral (except for artwork)

Dusty greys, light yellow, duck eggs, and Nordic blues well as some feminine pastel shades are the right color choices for this style.

  1. Your favorite decoration style is chic and slim

However, the mid-century look is perfect for creating a relaxed yet stylish living space that is never outdated.

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  1. You like your furniture sitting ‘low to the ground’

You appreciate the unconventional and slightly daring lines you get from a low sofa, while sophisticated stools and chairs with their pinched waists that you love so much will give the illusion of a much larger space.

  1. You never forget that good design is all about detail

The best interior designers know that space will never be complete without some accessories, and modern mid-century fans feel the same way. You tend to lean toward things that really matter to you, and there is no visible chaos.