Dealerships must focus more on improving the retention of employees and reducing turnover. A wrong hire can cost the company significant amounts of money each year, but rewarding good employees is essential to keep the turnover as low as possible.

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A Constantly Changing Workforce Can Damage The Business

A constantly changing team costs the brand cash in several ways, including training expenses, customer frustration at having to deal with unknown faces and, most importantly, lost car sales. Making small changes can prevent this high turnover and also build the brand’s reputation as a good place to purchase from and also a pleasant place to work.

As many directors know, staff are the best asset, so retaining people or equipping new staff with the skills on a fast-track training course is of paramount importance. Furthermore, a high turnover of staff will require the business to frequently change its insurance policies. Employees are legally obliged to be named as drivers on the policy if they drive vehicles as part of their job.

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Businesses that require motor trade insurance can obtain competitive quotes from a variety of companies, including According to the BBC, motor theft insurance claim payouts were at their highest in seven years at the start of 2019, according to The Association of British Insurers. It said an increase in incidences of keyless car crime was part of the reason.

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Car dealerships can be stressful, with monthly targets which boost a basic salary. Some firms are hesitant to invest in new staff until they pass a period of probation, demonstrating that they have the appropriate skills and are well suited to the job.

Creating a workplace culture with the focus on employee happiness and engagement should be the main goal for all dealerships. They should place as much emphasis on the staff as they do on profits to ensure less of a turnover.

When a company cares about its employees and actively shows how much they are appreciated, the staff, in turn, will care about the brand and its senior management. They will also care about the company’s vision, and they will feel motivated to help make it a success. Taking these steps can hopefully lead to the employment of long-term staff who feel valued and are focused on doing their best for the company.