Apart from the Grand Prix what else goes on at Silverstone?

Silverstone is a name that most people within the UK will have heard of, usually more than once if you live in a household of race fanatics.  It has been the home of the British Grand Prix for the last four decades and is one of the most exciting on the calendar. It comes alive for the race weekend and you could even be there and a part of it if you wish. Silverstone does not just cater to the Grand Prix. It also hosts lots of other activities throughout the year. Some of the things it does outside of the race are.

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Visit the Silverstone Experience. This has been a long time in coming but the site has converted one of its old World War two hangars into an interactive museum. Before it became a race track the site was an old world war two airfield which saw active service in the battle of Britain. It won’t be ready until next spring (2019) but it will tell the story of how the site has changed from a monastery to the home of the British GP. It will, of course, feature heavily on the racing and racers that have graced the track plus focus on the technology that goes into creating a Formula one car. You also be able to see who the actual race track has changed and why it has had to!


Track days. Ever wanted to actually drive around the Silverstone circuit? You can on special days in a variety of vehicles both four and two-wheeled. You can be sure that Vehicle Tracking will be used on some of these cars. If you are looking for tacking for your vehicles it is worth taking a look at https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking. Back to the track days – You get full instruction on what skills and techniques are needed. The track offers a full range of cars including for the top British marque Aston Martin, driving a Vantage and the iconic and extremely popular Ferrari experience where you get to drive an F430. If that’s not enough, you can have a day of both Marques plus some high-powered BMW M2’s. For those of you that want to really drive an actual Formula one sports car, this is available too. The track has its own Formula for you to try in a single-seater and it is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing want a Formula one drive feels.

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Bike Days. The circuit gives you the chance to take on this Moto GP and British superbike venue with a tailored track day just for the bikers. You can bring you to own as long as it fits the specs but the track also has its own you can use. It’s a great feeling to know that you are on the same circuit that Rossi, Haslem, Sheene, and Hayden have all had to negotiate.

The track also has concerts and conferences to cater for so it’s pretty busy all through the year.